Dr Mel Baker

Dr Mel Baker

Dr Mel Baker grew up in Sydney, Australia. From a young age her artistic flare came out in her writing, acting and painting. After teaching herself the piano, she wrote her first song at age 7. At age 9, she finished her first book on a typewriter Is it a dream or is it reality?. At age 11, she played a lead male role in a Shakespeare play. At age 15, her major art work of a kangaroo surfing hung in the NSW Art Gallery with other top art students from various high schools. At age 17, she designed, edited and published a newsletter to encourage and inspire young people. Mel’s writing continued throughout life in various genres.

Mel is an adult educator, international speaker, writer and editor. She has 5 published books: A Two-way Street (1st and 2nd edition), Painting Beauty with the Ashes and co-authored Conflict to Hope, as well as her latest the first in a trilogy Sleeping Under the Bridge. Mel’s books are inspirational, offering transformation and hope into individual’s lives through her own story from childhood trauma to surviving trauma in the military.

Mel also publishes and is the co-editor of a quarterly magazine Living Expressions, has 2 podcast shows LivingWell Talks and Living Expressions monologues of moments and has created over 200 resources to help people through trauma. 

For over 30 years, Mel has been a motivational speaker in Australia and overseas. She has been a keynote speaker at adult education conferences in Australia, New Zealand, England, Northern Ireland and more recently Croatia. Mel has also been invited as a motivational speaker at youth summits, rallies and other conferences around Australia, Indonesia, Uganda, England, Northern Ireland, New Zealand and her first international talk was in Papua New Guinea at the age of 18. She has led workshops in leadership & management, critical incidents, pastoral care & chaplaincy, ethics, identity and communities of practice, wellbeing and mental health, and overcoming trauma.

After completing her Master of Adult Education at 32, Mel embarked on her doctoral thesis whilst working as Lead Chaplain & Educator for Post Trauma Support in the NSW Police Force. Her doctoral studies took her to training and collaborating with 5 police forces around the world. She then served in the Royal Australian Navy. Mel has dedicated her life to helping and encouraging adults to be the best they can be.


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Opportunities are available for Mel to share her story on overcoming adversity or other life-saving topics to any groups in the world – live or online.

Are you a charity helping those who vulnerable, marginalised and perhaps homeless and/or abused in our communities?

Dr Mel Baker is available to speak at your fundraising event and to show a private screening of her film Say My Name in order to raise more awareness around these important sensitive issues, as well as raise money for your charity. Please contact Mel directly by utilising the form below.

Dr Mel Baker international speaker and trauma adult educator on a wide range of topics