First published in 2003 with a music CD. Sold a 1,000 copies. Out of print.

2nd edition published in 2018. Out of print.

Author demonstrates a tremendous amount of bravery in sharing stories of sexual assault and abuse. We can feel her approach, then a needed distancing from the memories, and the reader experiences that constant pull, and reminders of what it felt like to leave her body and go to a safe place while being molested. Author’s well-crafted step out of reality gives the reader lots to feel and a great depth of her character.  

There is some gorgeous phrasing and crushing honesty, such as ‘I used to feel alive. I used to feel.’ The reader is clobbered by those simple lines and the strength it must have taken for the author to achieve that level of self-awareness and healing. The pace moves along well, chapters transitions are especially strong, and the author’s writing voice is clear, conversational, and just raw enough to cut us with those memories that required escape. Very brave. Author gives us lots to think about long after the book is done.

judge, 27th annual writer’s digest self-published book awards, 2019

A TWO-WAY STREET by Melissa Baker is not an easy read, but the book is certainly worthwhile. The author’s story is sure to enlighten and inform any reader who doesn’t understand how a person could literally end up sleeping under a bridge. The story is written in a matter-of-fact way, and, while the author doesn’t seem to hide much from the reader, it’s clear she’s not looking to be maudlin or seeking false sympathy. Rather, the reader comes away with a clear understanding of this part of the author’s journey. As a U.S. reader, I found the setting unique and fascinating. Surely humans are, at our cores, similar all over the world. It’s true that the cliffhanger will make readers want to continue with the author’s story. Even so, this is a book and author that I hope many will discover.

judge, 28th annual writer’s digest self-published book awards, 2020