Conflict to Hope

Watch the story of horseman Scott Brodie and navy veteran Mel Baker on Channel 10

We served our country with honour. We wore our uniforms with pride. We loved our jobs in the navy, army or airforce, they were our family until the day we were discharged. The Thoroughbred has been in Australia since 1788. Racing was a role they became familiar with until they were disregarded. Neither fighting machine or racing machine could carry on with their career.

Under the expertise of horse trainer and mentor, Scott Brodie, the military veteran and ex-racehorse met for the first time. They discovered through their trauma, pain and struggles that they could have a future and indeed help one another from conflict to hope.

This is our story of how the Thoroughbred & Veteran Welfare Alliance began towards thoroughbreds helping veterans helping thoroughbreds.

In your honour
In the tears that now stream down my upturned face. As our flag waves above you, in her glory and grace. Freedom was the gift that you unselfishly gave. Pain and death was the price that you ultimately paid. Everyday, I give my utmost admiration. To those who had fought to defend our nation.

Author unknown

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giving hope to those who have lost hope.