Say My Name serves as a beacon of hope for countless survivors of child abuse who have been unjustly silenced. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling in shedding light on the darkest corners of our society. 

Mel shares her story to empower individuals who have also endured trauma, encouraging them to find their voice, conquer challenges, and ultimately, cast aside the shackles of shame. 

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2023 | 13.23 mins | Drama | Based on a true story | Mature audiences

Themes: Childhood abuse | Homelessness | Violence | Suicide | Hope
Location: Sydney, Australia | Sydney Harbour Bridge | The Rocks | Wynyard | King’s Cross | Angel Place | Balmain

Longline: A violated girl is trapped in an underworld of shame. As a child, she was exploited by her father and his friends, and then thrown to the streets as a vulnerable teenager. Despite life going against Mel at every turn, she is determined to see the good in people and find hope before her past catches up with her.

Breaking news

On Friday 22 March 2024, I was incredibly honoured to have been awarded the “Best Indie Author of the Year” by the prestigious 8 and Halfilm Awards in Italy. This recognition came as a delightful surprise and I am deeply grateful for it.

As of 3 February 2023, we have won 55 international film awards from around the globe! Including the latest, BEST AUSTRALIAN FILM from Titan Film Festival in Sydney, and PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD in West Dallas from a live screening in January 2024.

Best Australian Film certificate

To see all our awards, cast & crew, reviews and interviews please go here.

During September 2023, whilst Dr Mel Baker was speaking at a conference in Croatia, Say My Name has been awarded: nominee at Swedish International Film Festival, winner of BEST WOMEN EMPOWERMENT film at 4theatre selection, winner of Dubai International Cine Carnival for BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT film, honourable mention at Athens International Film Festival and Voices Rising Film Festival, semi-finalist at Iconic Images Film Festival, and official selection at the Red Movie Awards, Vesuvius International, Short Film Slam and Red Fox International. We are also in the top 10 finalists in Festigious International Film Festival. We also have received an award nominee for BEST ORIGINAL SONG by Quinn and Mel in Indie Short Fest (scroll down to listen to our song). Robinson Film Awards International has announced Rhoyce and Mel has won BEST SCREENPLAY.

Say My Name has been official selected into Mexico’s Orchid Queer film festival. After the recent review from a film critic in US and given the Director and Lead Actress are of LGBTQ+, we decided to try to see how our film will go in such a festival. Though my story is not in this genre, there are undertones in the film that support those who may feel marginalised and vulnerable from their identity. I fully support everyone, and love the fact that these elements are being picked up as we are all human.

Crown Point International Film Festival (Chicago USA) has awarded Say My Name as BEST NARRATIVE SHORT FILM and BEST 1st TIME DIRECTOR for August 2023!

Crown Point International Film Festival awards

Reale Film Festival has awarded our lead actress BEST ACTOR for July/August 2023!

Best Actress award for Quinn

In August 2023, White Vulture Film Festival has selected Say My Name as a semi-finalist.

Our first full film critic review has returned with a glowing review and 4.5 out of 5 stars. The full review can be read on the review page.

Officially selected and nominee for best short film. On Saturday 12 August in Southern California, USA, 100 Films Retreat screened the world premiere of Say My Name.

Phillip E. Walker of 100 Films Retreat reviewed Say My Name and added his review to IMDb as an URBAN TRAGEDY.

Say My Name has won its third film award from One-Reeler Short Film competition! Award of Merit for best short film in June 2023.

In May 2023, Say My Name won two international film awards at IndieFEST International Short film competition. Award of Merit for female filmmakers and Award of Recognition for social justice / awareness raising.

A violated girl is trapped in an underworld of shame. As a child, she was exploited by her father and his friends, and then thrown to the streets as a vulnerable teenager. Despite life going against Mel at every turn, she is determined to see the good in people and find hope before her past catches up with her.

A short film – 13:23 minutes

This is a passion project that embraces Mel’s younger life story as a homeless teenager after an abusive childhood. The short film is based on Mel’s published book, Sleeping Under the Bridge (2022). This is the first book in a trilogy on Mel’s extraordinary life story. 

When you see our short film, you will experience a deeply moving poetic story, with incredible footage to epic music composition. This film will captivate audiences in any culture and language. 

Director short film Rhoyce Nova

Rhoyce Nova, Director and Co-writer

“Telling the untold in word and film”

As an empathic provocateur, I bring an ardent and edgy queer perspective to storytelling, drawing on intense themes and raw emotions to captivate and challenge audiences. I create films that dare audiences to think deeply and feel intensely by combining empathy and compassion with a willingness to push boundaries, explore taboo subjects and inspire change. My films are bold, thought-provoking, and unapologetically authentic.

Dr Mel Baker producer and writer

“I created my short film to reach the millions of women who, like me, have grabbled with child sexual abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, and suicidal thoughts.
For those silenced by their pain, my books and film offer a lifeline of hope and courage. Moreover, the film serves as a catalyst for societal dialogue and change.” 

— Mel Baker, Producer and Co-writer

Lead Actor and Music Composer, Quinn

Quinn composed seven music scores for this short film, including our song Say My Name that was written by Quinn and Mel, performed by Quinn, Lori and Mel, and engineered by Matt Stewart at A Sharp Studios.

Quinn’s talent as a composer takes the listeners to another level, inviting you into the depths of the emotions felt that are expressed in the film.


Coming in 2024

We had a wonderful cast and crew who were committed to this passion project.

Thank you to our cast: Quinn (Mel), James Ryan (Dad), Jarrah Webster (Liz), Winnie Grigg (young Mel), John Stericker (Bill and extras), Darrell Jones (Phil), Tarni Sneddon (business woman), Kate Mahoney (homeless veteran), and Nuno Filipe (thug).

Thank you to our crew: Zachary Peel-McGregor (Director of Photography), Michael Santos (1st Assistant Director), Alex Mayo (B Camera Steadicam), Mitchell Tooley and Darren Mak (1st Camera Assistance), Bella Burton and Dillon Mak (2nd Camera Assistance), Datu Bethke (Gaffer), Tarni Sneddon (art department), and William Adam, Darrell Jones, Kate Mahoney and Andrew Denniston (runners).

Thank you to our post-production team: Agnes Peel-McGregor (Editor), Mark Parry (Editor and Sound Design), and Marcus Timpson (Colourist).

It will first be released to film festivals across the world, then available on streaming.

We can’t wait to share our film with you.