The bridge trilogy of Mel’s life story. Book 1 of 3 coming in 2022. Published by Atmosphere Press.

To me, it was a connection in time, a fortification that holds secrets. It has history, though worlds apart, from the sixteen men who died building the Sydney Harbour Bridge to sixty years later a place that gave me refuge.

Baker, M. Sleeping Under the Bridge, p102.

A tumultuous journey recovering from trauma in the navy, Mel writes letters to emotions and creates art to find herself again.

After two long years, “living” inside this Wall in my mind and unpacking it, I was finally released. The freedom in letting go such atrocities was something words cannot start to describe. It was like a bird being captive in a cage from its birth, then now as an adult bird it is finally set free to fly and be that bird it was meant to be.

Baker, M. 2019. Painting Beauty with the Ashes, Blurb, p7.

The background story of the Thoroughbred & Veteran Welfare Alliance, when Australian Defence personnel are medically discharged and they struggle to find life itself.

The stakes are life and death for the military veterans and Thoroughbreds ex-racehorses. We were all highly trained, regimented and of great service and value to our employers but then we were disregarded, and left to fend for ourselves. It was like our whole life was ripped out from underneath us. Our earlier skills were made useless in the real world and we face uncertain futures.

Baker, M. & Brodie, S. 2021. Conflict to Hope, Blurb, p47.