Book launch, Sydney

The first book launch will be live on Sunday 7 August 2022 at the Pylon Lookout of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The afternoon will be relaxing with a panorama view over Sydney. Along the way we will learn about the history of the Harbour Bridge, view a presentation in the cinema, hear about homelessness then and now, and raise money for the homeless of today through the charity StreetHeart. A reading, book sales and signings will also be available.

The presentation can now be viewed on YouTube.

Stay tuned for other readings and talks, online and live, in Australia and overseas.

To me, it was a connection in time, a fortification that holds secrets. It has history, though worlds apart, from the sixteen men who died building the Sydney Harbour Bridge to sixty years later a place that gave me refuge.

Melissa Baker, Sleeping Under the Bridge, 2022, p123
promo book launch sleeping under the bridge