Transparent Storytelling

Coming soon is an extraordinary documentary film out of the US – Sensitive Men Rising. It is the first documentary to explore and engage the highly sensitive man who over many years have been labelled shy or not macho enough. It is time for the sensitive men to rise and find their place in the world. WE need them in leadership roles, as well as the sensitive woman. We need to encourage sensitive them to forge their own paths of success, such as Luke Goss, action movie star, and many other men and women who will be in this film, including myself…

I am honoured to stand with these sensitive souls and encourage them to be the best they can be as part of my purpose. I didn’t realise I was an HSP and HSS until about 5 years ago. When I read the research of Dr Elaine Aron and Dr Tracy Cooper, it all made sense to me. I was also labelled as a shy child, but I knew that wasn’t me at all. I love utilising my gifts as an empath, highly tuned into all that is around me, and love that adventure seeking spirit too. At times it can be so overwhelming, to feel all the emotions of those around me and to know how to forge through that. This has certainly taken practice! I have found in life that not many people understand me, and when I met other HSPs, I finally felt understood and valued. The more we can embrace who we are, the more we can know are true purpose on earth.

This is the second documentary I have been in, the first THE HEALING which is an award-winning documentary on veterans with trauma being healed through horses (an Australian cinematic tour is scheduled later this year). I have also had the privilege to be Associate Producer for THE HEALING, and produced and co-wrote my own award-winning short film, as well as be one of the Executive Producer’s for this film SENSITIVE MEN RISING.

Director Will Harper and team wrote this about my role in this film:

An HSS/HSP from Australia, Mel champions healing for men in crisis returning from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Her inspiring story of facilitating healing for men conditioned to conform to Australia’s unique history of violent and unyielding masculinity will move you to tears! Through equine-assisted therapies and arts-based modalities, Mel is a true warrior!

There are many other stories to read on this link too. SENSITIVE MEN RISING is currently in production. Donations towards finishing this film can be also made on the film’s website.