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Baker’s writing courageously and lucidly excavates deep emotional recesses… Stylistically explosive at times…the memoir is meditative as well. Baker is a talented, versatile writer whose frank book will resonate strongly with those facing similar issues. An intelligent, harrowing, and boldly confessional account of a survivor.

KIRKUS REVIEW 2022 – full review

Sleeping Under the Bridge is a book about hope and how the human spirit holds onto life and deep down know that with love and compassion, a life worth living can be found. This book is a powerful read.

David Vernon, Stringybark publishing, 2022 – full review

This is a very powerful story; it should be read by all of us who are concerned about the future of our society. This story is about an incredible courageous, strong, intelligent and optimistic young girl who believes in herself and survives the horrors of her childhood and early adult life. This is a story that is more than just the strength of the human spirit. This story is really about the strength of one person who never gave in.

Mel’s story should not be put aside and forgotten. It should be read by everyone and discussed by everyone. This story could be the springboard for putting an end to the outrages perpetrated against the vulnerable people in our society.

Dr Rick Williams, Old Douro Yass, 2002 – read Rick’s full review

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